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Parish Notice Boards

This year (2020) the Parish Council provided new notice boards in Bishop Thornton and Shaw Mills.

Please use this notice board for your community notices.

Agendas for future meetings of the Parish Council will be posted here at least three days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Notes for use of the Notice Board:

* These notice boards are magnetic and so there are no drawing pins to deal with.

* To open the frame covering the board, simply find the two butterfly screws located on the bottom corner edges of the frame.

* Unlock both butterfly screws by unscrewing them about 3 turns – until the frame will open. (there is no need to completely unscrew them).

* Lift open the frame. If you need to, you can hold the outer frame up by using the stays located on each side of the inner and outer frame.

* Place your notice on the magnetic board using the magnets provided.

* Close the frame and (finger) tighten the butterfly screws ensuring that the frame is securely closed.


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