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The next meeting

When published, the agenda for the forthcoming meeting will appear here.

Thursday 19th May 2022 File Uploaded: 15 May 2022 113.3 KB


Information concerning the forthcoming meetings can be found here. 

The next meeting the Parish Council is on Thursday 19th May 2022. It will start at 7.30pm and there will be a public participation session starting at 7.15pm (see details below). The meeting will be held at the Warsill Parish Room. For a full copy of the public participation session rules please see the link below.

The agenda is the formal list of items to be discussed at a particular meeting. It is sent out to anyone who has an interest in the meeting.

If you wish to attend a meeting you are welcome to attend, but as a member of the public you do not have a right to speak unless invited to do so by the chairman after vote.

However if you wish to comment on an item on the agenda, you may attend the Public Participation Session will give  a chance to give your views but only on matters included on the agenda. Those wishing to take part in the Public Participation Session are asked to only speak for a maximum of 3 minutes. The session will end at 7.30pm prompt when the formal parish council meeting will start. Members of the Pubic are reminded that unless invited to do so by resolution of the Council, they are not allowed to speak at meetings.

Of course if you wish to comment about a matter that is or you feel maybe of concern to the parish council please email the Clerk via the contact page on this website.

The minutes are formal records of subjects of discussion, resolutions passed and updates on the financial situation of the Parish Council.

They are in draft form only until they have been approved by resolution of the Parish Council at the following meeting. Until they are approved and signed (or authorized to be signed) they are 'Draft Minutes' Draft minutes from the last meeting are below.


When published, the draft minutes from the last meeting will appear here.

Public Participation Rules File Uploaded: 14 March 2022 77 KB